Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton was the lead designer of the Nascom-1. The work was conducted under a contact placed by Nascom (Lynx Electronics Ltd?) to his company Shelton Instruments Ltd.

That company appears to have been dissolved in 1982 which is a similar date to that when Nascom itself was sold to Lucas Logic.

In 1982 Shelton Instruments was registered at 55-57 High Holborn, London. Today that address is one Caroline House. Next door at 52-54 there is now a small branch of Maplin Electronics.

The site where the Nascom 1 was designed?
I do not know whether there is any connection between Shelton Instruments Ltd and Maplin? But if I have the right address, you could be looking at the office location where the Nascom 1 was designed.

Today, Chris Shelton is CEO of Autonnic Research Ltd. 

TheRegister has now (August 2013) featured a comprehensive article about the role of Chris Shelton as a UK microcomputer pioneer. The article features a picture of my Nascom-1. The unit has been carefully preserved in pristine order over three and a half decades. It was built in 1977.

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