Kerr Borland

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Kerr Borland was a co-founder of Nascom with John Marshall. He was responsible for sales and marketing.

Kerr Borland may have left Nascom early in 1979 a mere two years after it was founded.

In 1980 he set up a company of his own called Specialist Micro Designs (SMD). It was a small contract manufacturer for the design of microcomputers and peripherals.

At the end of 1980, and in another rapid shift of focus, he set up Arfon Microelectronics Ltd. That company is listed as having an address on the Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon, LL55 2BD. The new company may have benefited from investment by the Welsh Development Agency.

The idea was to design and distribute peripherals for all of the main home computers emerging at the time, including Apple, Pet, Tandy and Nascom.

As one learns about the history of Nascom, it is not clear to me that the founders were committed to the long term success of the computer, and this may have contributed to its short but bright life. Compare this UK approach with that taken by the founders of Apple Computer.

An interview with Kerr Borland

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  1. Where is Kerr Borland today?
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