Friday, 6 April 2012

NASCOM UK The Fight Back

Following the unfortunate problems we had with the PSU, it has now been repaired. A bench check, isolated from the mother board, is now showing the correct voltages on all pins. The PSU has now been re-connected via a terminal block. Upon powering on, there is some kind of video signal, but the old analog TV we have has lost its remote, so there is no way to 'tune' to the NASCOM. There is certainly a signal there, but whether it is just carrier is impossible to tell. The hunt is now on for an analog TV with manual tuning. So, we still don't know whether we damaged the main board during the first power up in which the PSU malfunctioned, but will find out soon enough.

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  1. Just wondered how you were getting on? I have a very large collection of Nascom stuff that I keep meaning to get around to running up, including 3 Nascom 1s.