Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The hunt for the NASCOM-3

After Nascom was sold to Lucas Logic (1982?), a plan was hatched to produce a Nascom in a box, more packaged, less of a kit. It was called the Nascom 3. I've never seen one, but would love to find one, especially if still in working order. If it is not working, I may be able to renovate.

It is my assumption that the Nascom 3 was a rather crude attempt, by Lucas, to compete with the growing competition. The market for 'home computers' had quickly moved beyond kits.

Rumor has it that other than the case, the Nascom 3 was not so much "Intel-Inside" but rather "Nascom 2-Inside". If so, was Lucas the end of innovation for the Nascom and perhaps why it never made it over the chasm?  The big money moved in and easily replicated these early machines.

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